Brainstorm 360
Own Project (OCT 2012 - Present)

Brainstorm 360 is methodology and software tool for brainstorming laid out as a circular map which expands to consider more ideas.

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(project visualisation)


This project came from asking the question, "How can we brainstorm better?"

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The image above, in my previous experience, is a typical result of brainstorming. It is usually done on paper, and we never usually go back to it.

My concept for the project worked on a circular, map-like structure which encourages consideration from all angles. One positive outcome of this is it almost forces the creation of more ideas as the space for ideas expands. A software engineer and I are working together on this web tool, which is currently in prototyping stages.

I saw value in making "Brainstorm 360" collaborative so diverse people across the world would be able to brainstorm together. Another feature I will work on is an autosave feature, so people can continue to brainstorm over time.


A demo of the current tool can be used here (Firefox only): duaneharrison.co.uk/brainstorm5

Video demo of Brainstorm 360: