"Interaction" Project
GSA Product Design (February 2010)

For this project we had to look at the interaction of a certain process and then later improve on it. Our chosen interaction was buying groceries from the supermarket. We decided to look at the self-checkout machines.


Below is a video of mine and Sl Aa's mock up and role play of the interaction of using a self-checkout machine. This was produced following much of our observations at the supermarket and also filming ourselves use the self-checkouts. We also used data obtained from the internet for the dimensions of the self-checkout. Photoshop was used to make the labels and graphics on the mock up machine and a laptop with a Powerpoint presentation was used to "emulate" the touch screen on the self-checkout machines. Audacity was used to chop up sounds for the Powerpoint to enhance the role play.

Acting out the interaction made us notice the less obvious problems. We brainstormed the existing machine and also researched alternatives, including smart checkouts or handheld scanners.


We aimed to improve the flow of the whole process, which included small adjustments such as removing unnecessary steps on the touch screen of the self-checkout, to even suggesting an alternative layout of these checkouts regarding the shop floor.

Project by Duane Harrison & Sl Aa Hwang.